Forecasters say much of Iowa can expect another bout of stormy weather the next few days and the likelihood of more flooding. Marvin Shultz is Emergency Services Director for the Central Iowa chapter of the American Red Cross. He recommends all Iowans create a personal disaster plan, in case flood waters suddenly inundate their home. People should agree on where they’d meet other family members if something happened to their home — whether it be a neighbor’s driveway or a nearby church or school. He says there should also be a plan for where to meet if the entire home -or neighborhood- is destroyed, somewhere away from the town where other family members can be reached in a safe location. Shultz says most well-prepared Iowans already have an emergency kit in their homes or cars, including things like non-perishable food, a flashlight, batteries, fresh water, first aid supplies and a radio. He also recommends a flood disaster kit. Inside a Tupperware or Rubbermaid-type container, put things like insurance documents, marriage certificate, birth certificates, things of that sort, which can be taken quickly and kept dry.