President Bush touted his tax cut plan yesterday during a speech to about 15-hundred people gathered in an Omaha factory. The stop was part of a two-day, three-state tour the President’s making as he tries to convince the U.S. Senate to enact a larger tax relief package. Bush said “we don’t need to be little bitty in this deal, we need to be robust in order to get people back to work.” The President said “we need to be strong in our desire to do what is right for this economy,” without fear of a political backlash. Bush told the crowd his tax plan puts money in Americans’ pockets and that’ll spur demand for goods and services.Bush says sometimes the people in Washington forget they’re talking about the people’s money, not government’s money, and he says “the more of your own money you have, the more likely it is that our economy is going to grow.” Both of Nebraska’s Senators were in the crowd to witness Bush’s pitch. Bush met privately with ten folks before his speech, and told each how much they’d save in taxes if his plan gets through Congress. Critics say Bush’s tax plan will dramatically inflate the federal budget deficit. Bush says he’s concerned about the deficit, too, but he’s more concerned about Americans who don’t have jobs. And, Bush says the tax cut will spur economic growth and boost federal tax revenues as people with money in their pockets will spend that money. The U.S. Senate began debating its own, smaller tax relief package Monday afternoon.