The Transportation Safety Administration plans to cut three-thousand security screeners from U.S. airports, an “adjustment” that’s necessitated in part by a billion-dollar cut in the TSA’s budget. But in Iowa, most commercial airports will hire more of the federally-paid security workers. Spokesman Gary Hagan Des Moines International Airport, says there will be more screeners added. On March 31, there were about 55,600 screeners nationally, but he says by the end of May that will be cut by three-thousand, and by another 3,000 in September. The local airports plan on gaining on screeners, a couple dozen in Des Moines or even a few more. For 11 consecutive months, passenger volume has increased, so the Des Moines airport is pleased to need more screeners. Hagan credits that to local airlines holding down fares, so many Iowans planning to travel don’t drive to airports in Kansas City and Omaha. In addition to about 25 new security screeners at Des Moines, sixteen will be added at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, nine each at Burlington, Mason City and Dubuque, seven at Fort Dodge. Waterloo will keep the same number of screeners and Sioux City’s airport will lose three.