April 15th was more than a month ago, but two tax-related scams have surfaced in Iowa and the Internal Revenue Service is warning people to be on the lookout. I-R-S spokeswoman Donna Migazzi says one of the scams involves family members of people who are in the military. A telephone caller, posing as an I-R-S employee, says family members of those serving in the armed forces are eligible for a four-thousand dollar tax credit. He’ll then request 42-dollars for postage and requests a credit card number. Migazzi says it’s an outright ripoff. Migazzi describes the other scam which targets email users. The victim receives an email that appears to be from the I-R-S and provides a link to a non-I-R-S website that asks for financial information. Migazzi says people who receive this email should just put it in the electronic trash bin.For questions about these and other tax-related scams, call the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 800 366-4484.