New Drake basketball coach Tom Davis says he is going to enjoy working on the same staff with his son. Keno Davis had been an undergraduate assistant at Iowa and most recently was on the staff of Gary Garner at Southeast Missouri State. The elder Davis says since leaving Iowa following the 1999 season he always knew that if he returned to the bench, Keno would be his first call. Tom Davis says his son often kidded him about his “sabbatical” from coaching. Davis says Keno showed the signs of a coach at a young age. Davis took Keno to the Nike camp when Keno was young, and Keno often accompanied his dad on recruiting trips. Keno says he always thought his father would get back into coaching. Keno says his dad never discounted the chance he’d get back in, and there was something about the job at Drake that was right for him. Growing up around his father’s style of play, Keno says he is eager to teach a new group.Keno says he knows his dad’s offensive and defensive philosophies, with players “getting up and down the court” and Keno says he can add something to that.