The Iowa Department of Transportation is in the second year of an inventory of each of 48-hundred railroad crossings in the state. Jim Gibson is overseeing the inventory.He says it’s been quite a few years since they’ve updated the railroad crossing inventory. He says there’s federal legislation pending requiring states to update the inventory every three years, and the current project will take three years to complete. Gibson says a two-person crew is checking each of the crossings. He says they’re verifying the information on the type of protection equipment at the crossing, the signing at the crossing and the type of surface. Gibson says the assessment will have a couple of uses.He says it’ll go into a state inventory that details all the public crossings, and it’s used to determine the use of funding for crossing improvements. Gibson says many of Iowa’s crossings are simple. He says most of the crossings simply have signs indicating that it’s a railroad crossing. Gibson says the survey crew can visit and inventory 100 crossings per week.