Congressman Leonard Boswell spent the morning with fellow Vietnam veteran John Kerry, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, but Boswell says he’s not yet ready to endorse anyone in the race. Boswell says the race is “serious business” but he hasn’t “crossed the bridge” to choosing a single candidate. Boswell says the Iowa Caucuses — the kick-off event of the 2004 presidential race — will be a proving ground for the candidates.Boswell says the nation’s at a crossroads, and Iowa has a “terribly important burden” in helping select the Democratic party’s next presidential nominee. This morning, Boswell told a group of V-F-W members that no one will ever question Kerry’s patriotism or courage. While Boswell maintains that’s not an endorsement of Kerry’s candidacy, Boswell does say veterans are a natural base of support for Kerry. Boswell says veterans “would be a good target” for Kerry because they’d appreciate his service record. After a career in the military, Boswell settled on a farm in southwest Iowa, and then was elected to the Iowa Legislature before his election to Congress.