Satan’s making a visit to Des Moines today. It’s not really Lucifer — it’s a member of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in a devil suit. PETA spokesman Dan Shannon says they’re protesting the training seminars going on today as part of the World Pork Expo.He says the factory farms are “hell on earth,” which is the theme of their protest. Shannon says they’re trying to make people aware of the things he says are happening to pigs on factory farms. He says pigs have their tails cut off, their teeth clipped, they’re castrated without anesthesia, as he says their lives are misery from the moment they’re born to the moment they die. Shannon says they hope to make people stop consuming pork and other animal products. He says people who eat pork are supporting cruelty and intensive confinement for animals. Shannon says the devil will protest at noon outside the hotel where pork producers are meeting in downtown Des Moines.