A caravan of 43 Ford Model-Ts is making its way across Iowa and the nation. They’re chugging along at 35-miles-an-hour — a group of vehicles that’re all between 75 and 100 years old. They’ll leave Sioux City this morning, headed east, part of a 3,000 mile journey from California to the Ford Motor Company’s centennial celebration in Dearborn, Michigan. Drive organizer Joss Sanderson says they’ve gotten tremendous support. “We had a dealer in one case where we had a part break in the rear end of one of the cars it took us until midnight to get that part finished. At about 10, the dealer said I’m tired and I’m going home, here’s how to close the doors and turn out the lights, and lock it up please. I don’t know about you but my local dealer at home has never offered that to me before.” Sanderson says the trip started in Lancaster, California, on May 25th and they hope to arrive in Dearborn on June 12th. So far, all 43 cars are running well. Sanderson says it’s a wide collection. “The oldest car is a 1909 race car. I drive a 1912 that was actually built in 1911. The newest car is a 1927 — all Model-T Fords. We’ve experienced all manner of problems on the road but through the help of ford dealers and hobbyists, we have ’em still goin’.” Sanderson, a retired school teacher from Tucson, Arizona, is 55 years old, but says he feels like he’s 95 due to the long road trip. Still, he says there’s a big light at the end of the tunnel, the finale in Michigan at the Ford plant. “We will have a parade of all of our cars to open the festival. So, for an old car guy, I’ll have the opportunity to have Edsel Ford, my grandson, my daughter and my wife opening up the Ford Centennial, which, as John Denver, who grew up in Tucson a couple of years ahead of myself said, ‘Far out.'” Stops include: Le Mars, Pocahontas, West Bend, Algona, Mason City, Charles City, Fort Atkinson and Decorah.