Senator Charles Grassley says Congress has a responsibility to probe allegations that President Bush may have overstates Iraq’s nuclear capabilities, but Grassley says honest differences of opinion over intelligence data may be the answer to the controversyGrassley says no one can be faulted as long as there was no false information passed along to the President by the C-I-A. But Grassley says if the C-I-A knowingly gave the President false information, then the C-I-A is in “deep, deep trouble” according to Grassley, who says such a revelation would shake the nation’s intelligence community to its very foundation.Grassley says the President has a right to expect to trust the information he receives from the C-I-A. On another topic, Grassley says it may be time to hold another tribal election on the Meskwaki settlement to resolve the leadership dispute that led to the shutdown of the tribe’s gaming casino over two weeks ago. Grassley says the federal government’s decision to close the casino has made resolving the dispute more difficult, and he’s urging officials in the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the American Indian Gaming Commission to make arrangements to reopen the casino rather than stand “idly by as over one-thousand Iowans have lost their jobs.” Grassley says he doesn’t know why a dispute among the Meskwakis should prohibit 13-hundred people to “continue productive enterprise at the casino.” Grassley sent letters of complaint to the two agencies last Friday.