The state’s race tracks continue to press for a reduction in their state tax rates despite losing a lawsuit on the issue. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday it was entirely rational for the state to tax the race track casinos at a higher rate than the riverboat casinos. Craig Schoenfeld, a lawyer hired to lobby for the Dubuque Greyhound Park, says Dubuque may have to close once the track’s tax rate climbs to 36 percent. Schoenfeld says Dubuque has been a “great community partner” that’s made sizable contributions to the city and area charities, and the track’s closure would be a significant loss to the region. Schoenfeld says it’s “imperative” that legislators lower the tracks’ tax rate, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. Schoenfeld holds out the chance the Iowa Supreme Court could still rule the tax system unfair based on the Iowa constitution since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling is based on its interpretation of federal constitution.Schoenfeld says the track’s legal team is putting together an analysis to respond to the Supreme Court’s decision.