The Iowa Utilities Board has given a company that sells long-distance phone service five days to respond to allegations it hasn’t paid its bills. Board spokesman Rob Hillesland says the case against S&S Communications started back in March.He says the carrier that provides them long distance service to resell, Iowa Network Services, asked in March to have the company disconnected for not paying its bills. The Utilities Board denied the request after S&S paid its bills. Hillesland says the problem has come up again. He says I-N-S has appealed the decision of the Utilities Board, saying S&S is again behind on its bills. The Board has given S&S five days to file information to respond to the allegations. Hillesland says S&S does not have any residential customers. He says they serve businesses and the Utilities Board is asking S&S customers to check to see if they’re still getting service. Hillesland says you should call the board if you aren’t getting your S&S service. He says Iowa apparently isn’t the only state with the S&S problem. He says they believe that the company is based out of South Dakota and thinks that North and South Dakota are having the same problem.