The Autism Society of Iowa is leading an effort to get those who suffer from autism to sign up to donate their brain tissue for research. Spokesperson Gail Karp says the project has one goal. She says they want to gain more information and knowledge about what causes autism by making available brain tissue for research purposes. Karp says the Iowa project is an outgrowth of an initiative that started in California. She says it was brought on by a rapid increase in autism cases. She says autism is a disorder affects many people in many ways, but it is most know for impairing a child’s ability to express themselves clearly. The Autism Society is teaming up with the Iowa Donor Network to push the plan. Karp says Iowa is considered to be one of the prime states to push the initiative because of the sophistication of the Iowa Donor Network and its donor registry. Karp says the family of an autistic person may have concerns about donating the brain tissue of a deceased love one. But she says once they learn more about the benefits of the donation, their attitude will likely change.She says they’ll find it is one of the most gratifying and rewarding gifts they can make. And she says it’s a very necessary gift if they’re going to find a way to treat autism. Karp says those interested in more information can call the Autism Society of Iowa at 1-888-722-4799. Or you can surf to: