The coordinator of the State Poison Control Center says parents are still a little confused about how to protect their kids from mosquitoes without harming the kids. Parents have been told to slather their kids in bug repellent to ward off mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus. But Tammy Noble says the Poison Control Center hotline has been getting a lot of calls from parents about how to handle the stuff. She says you should look on the package for the percentage of the ingredient called “DEET.”She says less than 10 percent is safe for children two-years-old and above. Noble says you should consult you physician for advice on bug repellent for any child under age two. Adults can use repellent that has up to a 30 percent DEET content. Noble says you should be able to find a repellent that’s safe for kids.Noble says there are lots kid friendly products on the market that contain lower amounts of DEET, some even have DEET in sunscreen, so you can apply both at once. She says there are now even wristbands that kids can wear that help repel insects. Noble says read the label on the product carefully before applying it to your child. For more information surf