Law-enforcement officials in central Iowa are teaming up with officers from Lawrenceville, Georgia, to investigate a homicide and missing-persons case. Emergency personnel from Forest City, Thompson and Buffalo Center did a sweep in the area north and northwest of Forest City on Saturday looking for a murder weapon. Corporal Dan Huggins with Gwinnett County law enforcement says a former Forest City resident, 21-year-old Salajko Hidanovic, is their suspect in a holdup attempt that went badly wrong. Huggins says the suspect reportedly went into a car dealership and during an attempted holdup, shot and killed the owner of the dealership. Hidanovic was arrested last week in Fargo North Dakota, after police there tried to stop him and he fled and hit a man on a motorcycle, injuring him seriously. Huggins says the Iowa man’s jailed in Fargo and a young woman who’d been traveling with him was brought to Iowa to search for a gun they think was involved in the Georgia shooting. Gwinnett County police are looking for a handgun used in a murder there on June 6, and think their suspect dumped the gun in a cornfield in Winnebago County. Police are looking in Iowa for a gun used in the crime, based on information from a girlfriend who was traveling with the man when he threw it away. Detectives from Lawrenceville, Georgia went to Fargo to interview Hidanovic, but say the charges against him there are serious and it may be a while before they can extradite him in connection with the Georgia case. Huggins says the man didn’t have a prior arrest record in Georgia.