Iowans who’ve lost their jobs at some 40 companies statewide will be able to get all sorts of “reemployment services” through a federal grant. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the three-point-nine million dollars from the U.S. Labor Department targets Iowa workers who’ve fallen victim to increased imports from outside the U.S.Grassley says the money will help people who’ve been laid off because of unfair competition from foreign trade. He says this is what’s called a National Emergency Grant and is part of a program first put into practice during the Kennedy administration.Iowa companies that qualify as trade-affected include: Oral B, Ertl, North Star Steel, Alcatel Cable, Exide Battery, Square D, Motorola, Boeing, G-E, Northwestern Steel and Wire, Siemens, Tyco Electronics, Bluebird, Maytag and Alexander Technologies.