Two young janitors in Waterloo who thought they’d clean up wound up facing theft charges. Ironically, Black Hawk County, in a budget-cutting move, hired them from a private firm for janitorial services.It all started when 18-year-old Adam Larson of Waterloo was arrested for taking some money from a safe in the Black Hawk County Treasurer’s office. Deputies later arrested 19-year-old Jennifer Irish in her home and charged her with theft for taking money from the same safe. Larson and Irish were employed by a private janitorial service and were cleaning the courthouse when the theft occurred. About three-thousand dollars was taken from the safe. Most has been recovered. Cops say Irish used some of the money to buy drugs. Another man, 20-year-old Justin Hoffman of Waterloo, was charged with possession of marijuana and meth. All three were taken to the Black Hawk County Jail.