The Governor admits he can’t send e-mail. So how many other top state officials admit they can’t point and click way through sending an electronic message? Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson telephoned to check on the e-mail prowess of Iowa’s top elected officials. The roll call starts with Ag Secretary Patty Judge, who says she uses e-mail at work and at home. Attorney General Tom Miller, though, says he’s in the same category as the Governor. Miller doesn’t know how to use e-mail, and has a secretary who handles his e-mail correspondence. State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald says he uses e-mail every day and couldn’t get along without it. Fitzgerald says he was a bit shocked when he found out the big man can’t send e-mail. Fitzgerald says “he didn’t think in this day and age when a guy as backward as me runs e-mail, that the Governor wasn’t using it.” But Fitzgerald says the Governor couldn’t read or respond to all the e-mail that comes the chief executive’s way. Fitzgerald says so many people are trying to get to him from every direction, he needs some sort of funnel system. The State Auditor isn’t around the office today, but his assistant, Nancy Anderson, says Vaught knows how to handle a mouse. Secretary of State Chet Culver isn’t’ around, either, but his staff says he knows his way around a computer. Even Chris Ludlow, the newest guy in the office, is convinced Culver’s computer literate. Ludlow says he’s been on the job for a week and a half, has sent Culver several e-mail, and gotten responses from Culver — by e-mail. As for the state’s top legislators, I’ve received e-mail from House Speaker Christopher Rants before and staffers say the Senate’s top two leaders know how to send e-mail, too.