The students and teachers in Iowa City who got letters asking them to come in for tuberculosis testing got their results this week. After a student came down with a case of the disease, Ralph Wilmoth, director of Johnson County Public Health, asked folks who had a connection to come in for tests. One-hundred-65 came in for testing. Wilmoth says there are a few cases of T.B. in the county every year. He says there’s a big difference between having the germs in your body and being ill — Wilmoth says people who tested positive for the bacteria show no signs of having the disease. He says lots of people in Iowa were exposed at some point in their life and could develop it at any time, some when they were very young and TB was very common, some who were exposed in another country before coming here. Wilmoth says some parts of the world have a higher rate of the disease and you could pick up the germ from anyone who’s traveled to another city in the U.S. as well as a foreign country.