The Iowa Supreme Court has ordered the release of a Des Moines man who was found not guilty of murdering his girlfriend back in 1986. After years of trials and appeals, Loren Huss was found not guilty by reason of insanity, but the court ordered him held in a prison mental ward. The Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling describes Huss’s prior conduct as “horrifying.” He murdered his girlfriend while he was on parole for two crimes — a violent robbery and a brutal rape. Huss has bipolar disorder, but a prison psychiatrist concluded that Huss “has no signs or symptoms of mental illness and is not seen as a danger to himself or others.” The Supreme Court’s justices say they’re not “unsympathetic” to the fear that Huss will be violent again, but the justices say they’re not oracles who can predict the future, and the state should no longer confine “a harmless, mentally ill person” who has been a model prisoner and whose illness appears to be in remission.