High school basketball teams are finding more opportunities each year for summer competition as the number of team camps increase each season. Cornell College is hosting four team camps this summer and men’s coach Ed Timm says all the camps involve high school level teams from freshmen only to mixes of grades. Timm says the rules have changed over the years and the team camps have followed. It used to be you couldn’t have any contact in the summer, now it’s wide open and some teams play 35 to 40 games a summer. Players used to go to camps in the summer to improve their individual skills. Timm says the team camps are starting to compete with the traditional types of camps. Timm says not only do the schools benefit from team camps by bringing a large number of high school players to the campus, the money raised can benefit the program. He says they use the money for team travel.Cornell’s last team camp is the final weekend in July.