Iowa’s first-in-the-nation Caucuses — the kick-off event of the presidential campaign — are just six months away. Caucuses will be held in every Iowa precinct on January 19, 2004. President Bush is not likely to face any competition on the Republican side, so the attention’s focused on the Democrats’ contests as nine candidates have formally declared their White House aspirations. A stumble or poor showing in Iowa could doom a candidate because so many important primaries and caucuses follow in the month after Iowa. New Hampshire holds the nation’s first primary, then on February 3rd, Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina hold primaries and New Mexico holds caucuses. North Dakota’s caucuses may be held on February 3rd, too. On February 7th, Michigan and Washington state hold caucuses, then the next day, Maine holds caucuses. Just two days later, Virginia and Tennessee hold primaries. By the time Wisconsin holds its primary on February 17th, the Democratic party’s nomination could be decided.