Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham says the Vice President must have known the truth when President Bush said that Iraq was seeking nuclear material from Africa — an assertion which U.S. intelligence debunked before Bush’s State of the Union speech. Graham says the C-I-A sent one of its most-experienced African-based Ambassadors to review the information, and he found there was no evidence of a relationship between Nigeria and Iraq. Graham says he can’t believe Vice President Dick Cheney didn’t know about the report since he’s the one who requested it. Graham says the American people will “indict” President Bush in 2004 for failing to manage the economy, and for misleading Americans about the reasons for war with Iraq. Graham says there’s no chance the Republican-led House of Representatives would impeach Bush, but he says “in November of 2004 all Americans will participate in a process that will both indict and remove from office George W. Bush.” Graham, a Florida Senator who until last year was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has said there are grounds to impeach President Bush is he led America into war based on false pretenses, but Graham says he’s not calling for Bush’s impeachment. Graham campaigned in Iowa this past weekend.