The leaders of the state’s executive branch voted today against spending one-point-two million dollars to bring the state into compliance with the federal election reform bill. The Attorney General advised the council it would be illegal to do so. Iowa Secretary of State Chet Culver called on the legislature again today to provide state matching money to secure 30-million in federal funds to upgrade voting machines in the state. Culver says he’s been told on numerous occasions that the money’s there and they will take care of it. Culver says he’s been told they can transfer the money, but he says that’s not a viable option to take it from his budget. Culver says something needs to be done before January. He says he’s not prepared to wait for the legislature to act on it and he says the state will have a hard time complying with federal law if we wait until the next legislative session. Fellow Democrat, Governor Tom Vilsack says Culver will get the money.He says we’re going to find this resource, although he says he can’t say where the money will come from yet. Vilsack says the legislature hasn’t paid attention to what’s happening, but he is. He says Culver has been telling us the house is on fire and no one’s come with the water to put the fire out. Vilsack says today he has the bucket and is going to get the process started. Vilsack believes the state can provide the 423-thousand dollars to secure the first year of federal money.