A couple of presidential candidates plan to spend some quality time in Iowa in August. North Carolina Senator John Edwards says he’s bringing his wife and kids to Iowa for a week for a round of intense campaigning. Florida Senator Bob Graham plans to bring his wife, adult children and grandkids — and travel the state in R-Vs. Graham says when his children were the ages of his 10 grandchild, he and his wife owned a Winnebago for eight years and vacationed in it during the summer. Now, Graham says he and his family intend to “invade” as many Iowa communities as possible during their week-long trek across the state. Graham says campaigning in Iowa is different from campaigning in a big state like Florida, where he served as Governor before becoming a U.S. Senator. Graham says in Florida, candidates spend most of their time raising money to pay for TV commercials which introduce the candidate to voters. He says in Iowa, Caucus-goers expect to know a candidate as an individual. Graham calls it a very personal kind of politics.Graham says Iowans who attend the Caucuses will have had an opportunity to evaluate the candidate face-to-face. Graham campaigned in Iowa this past weekend.