The second full day of operation at the new beef-packing plant in Tama is now coming to a close. The facility reopened Monday as Iowa Quality Beef Supply. Joel Brinkmeyer, vice president of the Iowa Cattleman’s Association, says much of Monday was dedicated to getting the new people on board.Brinkmeyer says there are 240 hourly production workers that started Monday — they got tools, cloaks, hats and other equipment, got together with their supervisors, found their stations, etc. The Iowa Quality Beef Supply Cooperative, a group of producer-owners, was organized by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association. There are 83 management and supervisory people and 240 hourly production workers — enough to get through the basic startup period, but Brinkmeyer says, they’ll keep adding to the ranks. Every month, more people will be hired. Within three months or so, there will be 625 employees total and they’ll be at full production for processing 12-hundred head of cattle per day.