Fewer than three-thousand of the 32-thousand customers left without power remain to be reconnected after storms this week tore down trees and powerlines around Cedar Rapids. Ryan Stensland with Alliant Energy says they’ve pulled in crews from several other regions. They’re literally going yard-to-yard, assessing damage, removing downed powerlines, debris and trees. Stensland says some of those still not repaired are getting bad news from the work crews. Some have extensive damage to the “connection boxes” and a professional electrician has to come out and repair that box itself as well as wiring in the house. Stensland explains the utility company will “take the power to the home” but once it connects to the house — or becomes disconnected — that’s where a homeowner has to hire a private electrician and pay them for repairs. He says it’s visible, and if you check and see the box has been pulled away from the wall, you’ll have to call an electrician. Stensland says people are being patient for the most part, and helping each other as they wait for the storm repairs to be completed.