Iowa’s world-famous RAGBRAI wraps up today with a short 43-mile route from Mount Pleasant to Fort Madison. Rider Jon Cook, who’s been on 28 of the 31 RAGBRAI events, He thinks there’s actually more than 10,000 riders by the time you get all those who didn’t register, who come along just for one day’s trip and all the support crew, there are close to fifteen-thousand wheeling down the highway. This year the chosen path took riders through southern Iowa, and the RAGBRAI veteran was asked if it’s a good route. He laughs that it’s a hilly route, not as bad as past years but several people have been seen walking up hills, probably those who don’t have bikes geared for hills, or who haven’t trained for the ride. The weather’s been milder than many of the past rides across Iowa, though today’s forecast calls for temps near 95 and winds gusting to nearly 25 miles an hour from the southwest — the route’s largely south, into Fort Madison, where riders are scheduled to dip their wheels in the Mississippi at 1:30 marking the end of the trek.