Iowa’s 5000 school buses are blowing out less harmful exhaust. Brian Button of the Department of Natural Resources Air Quality Bureau says it’s part of the Bus Emission Education Program or “BEEP”. He says there’s been a 27-percent decrease in the emissions from Iowa school buses since the program started in 2001. Button says BEEP involves analyzing the diesel exhaust from the buses. He says nearly ever district in the state is participating and they get data from the tests and can see which buses need mechanical repairs. Button says identifying buses that need repair helps save fuel and engine wear. He says it doesn’t take a lot of investment by the schools because the repairs can be as simple as replacing an air filter or a tune up. He says it allows the district to target its scarce manpower hours and he says cutting the bus emissions makes life healthier for kids as schoolchildren spend a lot of time on or near school buses and reducing the output of harmful soot is beneficial. Button says the testing program will continue and buses will continue to be tested twice a year. Button says Iowa is the first state to test all its buses.