There’s a new warning about plans for possible September 11th-style terrorist hijackings. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the warning is based on several sources. Grassley says U-S officials got the information from interviews with al-Qaida captives — backed up by their own electronic surveillance. The Republican Senator says there’s still very much a war on against America and against Americans anywhere they may be on the planet. Iowans are encouraged to stay vigilant for suspicious activity. Walter Henry is emergency management director for Clinton County and offered residents an update last night. While the nation is now on a “yellow” alert, Henry says terrorists may still be lurking and residents should make themselves more aware of their surroundings. Henry says Iowans can prepare for acts of terrorism, just as they would for a natural disaster. He says we can gather things like extra water, non-perishable food, batteries, vitamins, a first aid kit, a flashlight and a radio for a disaster kit — much like preparing for a flood or a tornado.