The latest “Time” magazine cover story features pictures of students at a southeast Iowa college practicing transcendental meditation. Doctor Alarik Arenander , director of the Brain Research Institute at Maharishi University in Fairfield, says T-M has been around for centuries but many people are just discovering its many benefits.Dr. Arenander says people are looking for ways to practically and more effectively deal with their health and to develop their full potential. He says “I think people have found that a lot of the ancient technologies that have been ignored for a long time are actually quite effective.” Arenander advocates the use of yoga and meditation in trying to mend brain injuries, but he says everyone would feel and live better if they practiced T-M. Arenander says a tremendous amount of research has been done showing people who practice T-M have “increased intelligence, increased creativity, better and more balanced emotions and happiness, less negative, destructive emotions, less fear and anxiety, better moral reasoning, they live longer, they have better life when they’re elderly.” Some people may shy away from T-M, thinking it has something to do with certain religions, but Arenander says T-M specifically has nothing to do with religion, but components of the practice of meditation can be found in -every- religion.He says T-M is “one of the best tools we have to combat chronic illnesses…and also to develop the full creative potential of our brain.” Anyone interested in learning more about transcendental meditation should call 888-LEARN-TM or surf to “”.