Topeka, Kansas police have arrested the woman wanted this week in a hoax claiming to be the long-lost daughter of an Indiana family. Donna Walker was held overnight in Topeka, Kansas, charged with identity deception and false reporting. The woman is well-known to police in a Des Moines suburb. Urbandale police sergeant David Disney says Donna Walker was an “unofficial” resident of Urbandale about this time last year. Disney says an Urbandale woman befriended Walker, and let Walker stay in her apartment. Disney says, though, it soon became apparent that Walker “had some problems.” Disney says Urbandale police first started having contact with Walker in late July of last year, and she disappeared after Urbandale police issued a warrant for her arrest.Disney says on August 20, 2002, Walker was seen behind a convenience store with a gun. Disney says they’re still reviewing records, but Walker repeatedly sought the attention of police. Disney says Walker would call the police dispatcher say she was in particular area of Urbandale, had a gun, and was going to harm herself. Cops would “saturate” the area, according to Disney, but Walker was never found. Disney says sometimes Walker would disguise her voice — she even would pretend to be a man — and outline the same life-threatening scenario, but Walker was never found. Disney says there were at least six and perhaps more than a dozen such incidents, some of which happened in West Des Moines. Disney says Walker was a “hot topic” around here last summer because police were worried she might be setting police up for some kind of ambush. Disney says once they heard of the case, his department briefed Indiana authorities on Walker’s activities in Urbandale. Disney says they got involved, “hoping to help track Donna down” because he says “she obviously needs some help.” Authorities holding Walker in Topeka think she may have lived there most recently, but it was only a year ago that Disney says Urbandale police were still dealing with her. Disney says they had concerns about Walker’s mental condition based on their contact with her, and now that Urbandale police have seen what she’s done to the family in Indiana, they want to provide as much information as possible in order to help. The 36-year-old Walker was held overnight for a court appearance today (Friday) in Topeka. Authorities say she claimed to be 22-year-old Shannon Sherrill who disappeared in 1986 when she was just six years old.