A taste of Iowa is on its way to U.S. troops serving in Iraq. Over 300 dozen ears of sweet corn are being loaded on a truck in Slater today. From there, they’ll be trucked to Fort Dodge, where Ruan Trucking Vice President of Operations Ron Romig, says the Air Force will put the corn into a military transport plane and fly it to Iraq. Sergeant Bob Steffes of the 133rd Test Squadron of the Iowa Air National Guard says the project began with a phone call from two Guard members serving in Iraq.Steffes says the two knew that now was prime sweet corn season, and they asked for a couple of cases of sweet corn. He says “you can take the person out of Iowa, but you can’t take Iowa out of the person.”But Steffes says it’s not just Iowans who’ll be enjoying the corn. The two Iowa soldiers who requested the corn are serving in a unit with folks from across the country, so Steffes says “we’re kind of bringing Iowa to everybody over there.” Romig says he knows this shipment will mean more than just ‘good eats.’Romig, who is a Vietnam vet, says anytime you can get something special from home, it’s a morale booster. Hy-Vee is also donating butter and salt to go with the corn. The sweet corn is expected to arrive in Baghdad by Thursday.