Democratic presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun appeared at a forum in Waterloo Sunday, and declared that it’s time to “take the ‘men only’ sign off the White House door.’ Moseley Braun was a one-term U.S. Senator from Illinois then she served as U.S. Ambassador to New Zealnad, a country she points out has already elected two woman as prime minister. As she has in her two previous visits to the state, Moseley Braun often referred to her status as the only woman in the presidential race. Moseley Braun says women tend to be practical problem solvers, and she says she may not look like any President you’ve ever seen before,” she has a platform of ideas she says will rebuild America both physically and spiritually. Moseley Braun describes herself as a “fiscal centrist who fights for social justice.” She says policymakers have a “duty to run out government with efficiency, with honesty and with prudence.” Moseley Braun says she believes a woman can lead the way to the salvation of America. On the foreign policy front, Moseley Braun called the war in Iraq a “misadventure” and called on President Bush to build an international coalition to rebuild the country so American troops can be brought back home. Moseley Braun says President Bush shouldn’t be allowed to “give up on finding bin Laden and breaking up al Qaida by just substituting him for Saddam Hussein and blowing up Iraq.” However, Moseley Braun says now that the U.S. has gone into Iraq, it has a “moral obligation” to help the country rebuild.