If you’ve been a little down lately, this is the month some say you should use to turn that attitude around. August is “National Admit You’re Happy Month.” David Towle, the director of the University of Northern Iowa Counseling Center, says it’s part of a plot to make us happy.He says the month was the idea of a group called “The Secret Society of Happy People.” He says their purpose is to encourage people to admit they’re happy, and if they’re not happy, they encourage you to find ways to make yourself happier. Towle says research has shown that adopting a positive attitude is healthy for the mind and more. He says there’s a movement in psychology now to study the subjective well being of humans to learn how we function at our best, instead of studying the negative things that is often studied. Towle says one study shows that people who are optimistic enjoy life more, are more successful and achieve more. He says the studies show you can create a positive attitude in your life.Towle says some things you can do to be happy are: focus on your capacity to love and be loved. Do something for someone without expecting anything in return. Develop a sense of spirituality or philosophy of life. And, do things you like to do because you enjoy them, not because you have to do them. Friday (August 8th) by the way is “Admit You’re Happy Day.”