A bunch of bothersome bugs have invaded some soybean fields. The soybean aphid is being found in more and more fields according to Iowa State University agronomist Clark McGrath.McGrath says it’s a pest that found its way into the Midwest a couple of years ago, and he says soybean aphids have been a “pain in the neck ever since.” He says farmers need to go out into their fields are do a thorough search for the pests, which multiply very quickly.He says you can usually see the green aphids on the upper leaves, or white specks — the skins that the aphids shed. McGrath says the aphids are hitting a little later than normal, but can still do a lot of damage during the time that pods are setting on the soybean plants. He says Iowa State Extension offices can offer farmers the guidelines for conducting an aphid scouting expedition in a field.McGrath says if there’s an aphid infestation, farmers can’t opt for an aerial application of insecticide because that won’t work. Farmers’ll have to drive the spray equipment and tanks through their soybean fields.