Collectors who crave the green-and-yellow of John Deere products will have hundreds of items to gawk over at today’s auction in the Quad Cities. From tiny toy tractors to the full-sized version, Deere spokeswoman Mary Leonard says enthusiasts from across the country have made the pilgrimage.They’re expecting about 60 vintage tractors for the sale along with very old, rare plows and two doctor’s buggies, one that’s been locally owned since it was new. This is the fourth annual auction at the John Deere Collectors Center and Leonard says in years past, some items have sold for a lot of money.One tractor a few years ago went for more than 50-thousand dollars. For those who can’t afford the real thing, the smaller toy tractors might be a less expensive option. Leonard says there is a huge collection of John Deere paraphernalia lined up, virtually all of it green. She says they have everything from bicycles to pedal tractors and tie tacks. The John Deere Collectors Center is in downtown Moline, Illinois. Tractors take center stage at 10 A.M. For more information, call 800 240-5265 or surf to “”.