A community leader in central Iowa is being recognized nationally for her accomplishments and abilities. Polk County supervisor Angela Connolly is being named “County Leader of the Year” by American City and County magazine. Connolly says she has a stick-to-it attitude about her job that might have helped set her aside for the honor. Connolly spent 20 years as a county zoning inspector before being elected to the board of supervisors in 1998, a board she now chairs. She’s credited with being instrumental in the creation of the state’s Vision Iowa fund, which has since doled out many tens of millions of dollars for community development projects all across the state. Connelly, a Des Moines native, says one of her biggest recent challenges was overcoming a massive budget deficit, something many leaders are facing on the city, county, state and national level. Polk County was trying to deal with a 12-million dollar deficit which has been whittled down to below two-million.Connolly worked with county staff and Iowa State University to conduct the first scientific survey of county residents’ opinions of county services. To learn more, surf to “www.americancityandcounty.com”.