An Iowa-based group is studying the appearance of large circles, ovals and other designs in Iowa corn fields which some believe are evidence visitors from other planets may have landed here. Beverly Trout is state director of Iowa MUFON, the state chapter of the Mutual U-F-O Network. Trout says she’s part of an international scientific organization composed of people seriously interested in studying and researching the phenomenon known as Unidentified Flying Objects. Trout says you won’t hear her say U-F-O’s created the crop circles, but she adds, you also won’t hear her deny it. Trout, who lives in Mitchellville, says she and other Iowans have done extensive research, lengthy interviews and scientific testing at the sites of crop designs across Iowa, some where the corn plants were crushed in 90-foot circles. Trout says “All we know is, that the test reports bore out that there was an unusual energy which was exerted on the crop and on the soil and that these created anomalies which science has not been able to explain.” She says crop circles have been found in all parts of Iowa, most recently in Nevada, Marshalltown and near Des Moines. Trout would not go on record saying she believes in U-F-Os.Trout says there have been three cases of U-F-Os seen in the Iowa skies this year — one over Cedar Rapids, one between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque and the other near Webster City. She’s starting to compile the information on a website, “” and is speaking Saturday at 7 P.M. at the Barnes and Noble in West Des Moines.