Thunderstorms rumbled across parts of Iowa Sunday, but for the most part, a National Weather Service meteorologist says they didn’t pack much punch. The worst storm was in Guthrie County and meteorologist Karl Jungbluth says it can be characterized as a “microburst.”He says it’s usually not a small thunderstorm that holds a lot of rain aloft and as it weakens that rain quickly rushes out with strong winds. He says the winds and rain are confined to a very small area. He says the storm in Guthrie County did down some trees and power lines before dissipating. Jungbluth says the storms varied a lot in their strength and rain reports were mixed. Someone in Greene County reported two inches of rain, other than that he says it was spotted. He says Mason City and west-central Iowa had some heavy rains that they really needed as they’ve been into a moderate drought classification. Jungbluth says the rain wasn’t enough to satisfy everyone.He says a few spots got some helpful rain, but some spots could use some more. There was some minimal damage also reported in Adair County to the south of Guthrie County.