The latest members of the century farm club will be honored this morning (Tuesday) at the Iowa State Fair. Iowa Ag Secretary Patty Judge says the number of farms that’ve been in the same family for 100 years is now over 15-thousand. She says the program began in 1976 and they’ll add 347 farms this year. Judge says the number of farms gaining the distinction will probably hold steady, but not increase each year. She says we may’ve hit the all-time high last year when close to 500 were added, but she says there will probably be two to three hundred each year. She says the nature of farming has changed even since the program began. She says farms are larger than they used to be, not as many people live on the farms. She says many people still own the farms, but don’t operate them. Judge says it has become one of the most popular programs at the Ag Department. She says they get great response from across the state and nation as people attend the annual ceremonies. Judge says the program is a great way to celebrate Iowa’s farm heritage. She says it has become a very large family reunion. If you think you may be eligible to be recognized for owning a century farm, contact the Ag Department’s Joan Kiernan at: 515-281-5323.