Investigators in Minnesota say they’re just starting what will be a long process to unravel the mystery of three infants’ bodies found last week in storage trunks that belonged to an Iowa native. Anoka County Sheriff’s Captain Robert Aldrich says it’s a difficult investigation, as he says “The information as it comes will probably come in small bits and pieces, and take a while to assemble all the pieces. We still face the likelihood that we may never be able to gather enough information to put the puzzle together completely.” The woman who owned the trunks, Cherie Herzog, died several years ago. Aldrich says Herzog lived in Cresco, Iowa, before moving to the Twin Cities area. He says the investigation will have to first start in the Minnesota area, and they’ll try to find as much information as they can locally, and try and identify living relatives who may have information. Aldrich says the family members they’ve found are cooperating. They are not considered suspects.