For the second time in a week, a rabid bat has been found in Iowa, this time in the southwest. Ringgold County public health nurse Becky Flechall confirms the finding — and that one person was exposed. The bat was found in a home in the town of Redding and one person is getting the series of rabies treatment shots. She says if someone in Iowa finds a dead bat, they should send it in for testing, to the state or their county health department. Flechall says rabid bats can be real pests. Flechall says the main thing is to be aware of rabid bats and be cautious of them if they are found in your home. She says people have been known to use all types of equipment to defend themselves against bats. Earlier this week, the state health department launched a search for an eastern Iowa family that had turned in a bat that ended up testing positive for rabies. There was fear the unnamed family might have been exposed. The family, from Riverside, came forward and through further investigation, it was determined they had -not- been exposed to the disease.