An expert on anger management says Iowans might get the wrong idea about how to vent their frustrations by watching a couple of summer movies. Doctor Steve Kopp says films like “Anger Management,” “Hulk” and “Bad Boys 2” might lead some of us to dangerous conclusions. Dr. Kopp, a marriage and family therapist with offices in Davenport and Muscatine, says it’s normal to get angry one-to-four times a day.Kopp says for some people, mismanaged anger can lead to serious problems that disrupt their work, personal relationships and overall quality of life. He says “Everyone needs to get angry and blow off steam, but mismanaged anger can disrupt or interfere with sense of self or normal routines that could call for therapy.” Kopp says if you’re getting feedback from co-workers, family, friends — or even strangers — anger may be a problem. Another sign may be that you regret what you’ve done, by walking away thinking “I wish I wouldn’t have done that. I think I did that because I was angry.” Kopp says anger is a big problem for some people while for others, it’s just a nuisance. He suggests counting to ten before saying anything or taking deep breaths as a way to vent before becoming violent.Other tips for diffusing anger include: slowly repeat a calm word or phrase such as “relax,” ask yourself, “Why am I getting angry? Is it a good reason?” Also, use imagery; visualize a relaxing experience from either your memory or your imagination.