Cyclones aren’t the only things flying around Ames. The Reiman Gardens is hosting a Butterfly Festival today to celebrate the opening of its habitat for the winged insects. Spokeswoman Megan Keene says there are a variety of workshops, demonstrations and entertainment planned, along with the “Enchanted Garden” flower show. Other events include butterfly origami, music by a dulcimer player and the artist who did the recent series of butterfly posters will be there today to autograph them. Keene says Iowa kids can get the chance to morph into butterflies.The butterfly habitat opened in November of 2002 but Keene says today’s event is sort of a grand opening for the large facility on the I-S-U campus, which resembles a butterfly in flight. They have at least 50 species of butterflies and have 800 to 900 butterflies in flight at all times from Ecuador, Central America and all across the U.S. For more information, call (515) 294-2710 or surf to “”.