It’s a job that few people ever think about until something goes wrong. The director of the water and wastewater treatment plants in the tiny southern Iowa town of Lineville is getting an award of excellence from the federal government today. Janet Mortimore says it was something of a surprise.The award is coming from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be there too for the ceremony. Mortimore acknowledges she’s a little overwhelmed by the publicity as she’s just doing her job, one that’s rarely noticed.An E-P-A news release says “The exceptional achievements of the Lineville wastewater facility will benefit the entire community and its ecosystems.” Lineville Mayor Jack Shields says there have been no violations at the wastewater treatment plant in at least a decade. Shields praises Mortimore, the town’s former city clerk, for making sure everything runs smoothly.The plant processes about 20-thousand gallons of wastewater each day, serving about 300-customers. Mayor Shields says being the person in charge of a wastewater treatment plant may not be very glamorous, but it is important. The awards ceremony was scheduled to begin at 10 A.M. today in the Wayne County town.