Tomorrow, a space explorer will visit a business in Creston that makes a part for the fuel lines in the Space Shuttle fleet. Juleen Loomis of Fansteel Wellman Dynamics in Creston says her company will host Barry Wilmore, a Space Shuttle astronaut. Loomis says one of her company’s customers is Lockheed Martin, which is a supplier to the Space Shuttle program, and Lockheed Martin arranged the astronaut’s visit as a worker appreciation event. Willmore will arrive Friday afternoon. After meeting with the Creston company’s managers, he’ll get a tour of the plant and will see how the elbow-like part that’s in the Shuttle’s fuel line is made. Willmore will then give a speech to plant employees, and sign autographs. They’ve invited local business and economic development leaders, as well as Creston high school students who are interested in engineering and space exploration.