A fire drill the first full week of classes was more than just practice, for kids at an Afton school. Steve Clark’s superintendent at East Union of Afton and says a fan overheated. It started to smoke and tripped fire alarms and smoke detectors and the volunteer fire department came. Clark says firefighters brought in big exhaust fans to take out the oily smoke from the overheated motor and a school nurse checked students in three nearby classrooms. He says none of the kids complained of any problems, as he says smoke detectors in the school “triggered” so early the kids all got out fast. The school lost only about forty minutes of classroom time in the Friday fire alarm. Clark says they had just decided in an administrative meeting to schedule fire drills next week. The overheated fan motor was in a mechanical closet near the school building’s restrooms. The superintendent praised the fast work of firefighters, who are all volunteers with other fulltime jobs.