Seven Democratic presidential candidates spent their Labor Day in Iowa. Missouri Congressman Dick Gephardt walked in the Labor Day parade in the Quad Cities. Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman attended several events in eastern Iowa, and offered a glimpse of his KeepCare Initiative which extends tax credits to businesses and offers new health care choices for workers who lose their health insurance when they’re laid off. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean picked up the endorsement of former State Representative Dick Myers of Iowa City, a Democrat who can help Dean organize in the crucial Johnson County area. Myers says Dean has an extraordinary organizational ability. North Carolina Senator John Edwards called for wholesale changes in the National Labor Relations Act. Edwards says “today the deck is stacked against workers who want to form a union.” Edwards says too often corporations just get a “slap on the wrist” when there’s coercion at a plant where workers are trying to organize a union.As did all the candidates, Florida Senator Bob Graham blamed President Bush for the state of the national economy and recent job losses. He says the democrats are united to buy a permanent one-way ticket for the President to his ranch in Crawford, Texas.Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich promised to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement — NAFTA — and the World Trade Organization, winning applause from the crowd of union members, many of whom believe NAFTA is shipping jobs out of the country.Former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun promised to roll back the tax cuts she says President Bush gave his friends. Five of the candidates walked in the Labor Day parade in Des Moines which started at the statehouse and ended on the state fairgrounds, where the candidates were given a chance to speak to the crowd. Some in the crowd carried signs which read: “Fine me a florist who can send two Bushes to Iraq.”