Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham says President Bush needs to offer the country an apology tomorrow (Sunday) night when Bush delivers a formal address to the nation. Graham says Bush should have given this speech before he engaged American forces in Iraq. Graham says the American people need to know how many casualties the U.S. is prepared to take, as on average one U.S. soldier is killed and 10 are injured every day. In addition, Graham says Bush needs to identify our friends and enemies in the Middle East. Graham alleges the U.S. has been covering up the activities of some countries and treating them like friends when they’ve actually been acting like serious enemies. Graham refuses to name the country, but describes it as the country which was home to several of the 9/11 hijackers. Many were Saudi Arabians.This past week, U.S. officials went to the United Nations to try to lay the groundwork for U-N involvement and support in the rebuilding of Iraq. Graham says time’s of the essence. Graham says the U.S. needs to move quickly, because the “quagmire is getting deeper and deeper” and there’ll be less chance of getting international support 30 days from now than we will today. Graham, a Florida Senator, is the top democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Graham made his comments last night on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press program.